Equipment - Algarve Pools


Filter Systems

These systems are very important in the conservation and cleaning of your pool water. A clean and clear water is achieved due to the intervention of the filter system.

The choice of various filtration systems is paramount in order to achieve a clean and splendid water.

These are made up of a sand filter, an electric pump and of course the electrical panel, which allows programming the time of filtration and protection of the electric pump.

These components vary in capacity according to the amount of pool water.

Hayward Swimming Pool Heating.

Cleaning Systems

These products allow you to keep your pool clean and pleasant and enjoy your dives in full.

Pool Vac Ultra is available in liner or concrete version. You can connect it to the Vacuum or Skimmer socket. It comes with 12m hose, Skimmer adapter, leaves filter, pressure regulator and video demonstration cassette.
Built in accessories

The choice of these materials is very important, as it is the essential complement to the perfect performance of your Swimming Pool.

The Skimmer is the accessory that conditions the cleaning and, the NetSkim is the perfect complement that allows to improve the function of collecting leaves.

Sheds/ Multipurpose houses

The Technical Location is a very important space, as this is where the filtering system will be installed.
On several occasions a space is purposely built for this purpose, or in other cases an annex or storage is reused near the implementation of the Pool.

Water treatment

A Pool has numerous benefits for your health. In order to enjoy these benefits it is necessary to keep the pool water clean and crystal clear.
The treatment based on salt has many advantages, such as reducing irritability in the eyes and mucous membranes, there is no smell nor the water tastes of chlorine, among others.
The pool water is salty, about 4 g / l, which through the probe of the Electrolysis machine, turns the salt into an effective disinfection product, destroying all water parasites.
If you prefer to disinfect water through Chlorine, we have at your disposal a wide range of chemicals, from Anti-algae, etc ...
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The covers play a very important role in maintaining and preserving cleanliness in your pool, and some models are quite safe, because through this method the pool is not exposed to unannounced visits from your children or animals.
There are several materials and models that perfectly fit the space and your financial availability.


► The telescopic covers are movable or fixed.
► Summer floating covers made of polyethylene bubbles.
► Winter covers, made of polyester, reinforced with PVC
the option of various fastening systems: Elastic + Clamp P; Elastic + Pitons;
Tensor + Clamp P; Tensor + Pitons
► Safety covers

Super Safe Summer and Winter Covers
► Automatic covers made of blades

PH Treatment

The PH dosing pump maintains PH levels neutral, automatically pumping the amount of PH required to balance it.
Irrigation Systems
Pool Water Treatment Systems with salt
Solar Systems
Security Systems for Children and Infants
This Peripheral Alarm System consists of perimetric detection via Infra-red. It is a material that in addition to its functions in constant vigilance and consequent protection, is aesthetic, discreet and simple.

This Alarm System was designed under the law and regulations applicable in France.